Benefits of Spinal Bath and Foot Baths

Banheira Hidro
There are lots of therapeutic hydrotherapic treatments along with the two common among them are spinal bath and foot baths (cold foot bath and hot foot baths). In this post you will see the techniques and advantages of spinal bath and foot baths. These two water baths have several health benefits and become a natural process of recovery for many diseases.

Spinal Bath

Spinal bath is performed in a special tub gotten ready for abdominal muscles purpose. This bath is done in hot, cold or neutral temperatures. The patient is built to lie in tub containing about 2 " of water for approximately 10 or 15 minutes. This bath is utilized to appease the spinal-cord and indirectly influences the central nervous system.

Spinal bath is additionally useful for hypertension, irritation, excitement plus just about all disorders from the central nervous system, including mental diseases as hysteria, epilepsy, insanity and insomnia. This must be for about 50 % an hour. When the nerves are depressed, the hot spinal bath is advised. It is useful in muscular back ache and pain as a result of vertebral disorders. It's attractive gastric disorders and sciatica the place that the patient gets pain across the sciatic nerve.

Cold Foot Bath

In cold foot bath, the patient's feet are immersed in a tub or bucket containing water at 7� C to 12� C for about A few minutes to Ten mins. Friction is generally done during foot bath. Cold foot bath is not caved the conditions of inflammation of liver, kidneys and genitourinary organs.

Hot Foot Bath

In hot foot bath, the patient's feet are immersed within a tub or bucket containing domestic hot water for about Twenty or thirty minutes. His body must be properly covered in order not to loose heat. He needs shower bath following this treatment.

Hot foot bath makes all the involuntary muscles of the body active especially uterus, bladder, intestines, abdominal and pelvic organs. It removes the sprains, contractions of the ankle joints, cerebral congestion and colds. It promotes menstruation.

Precautionary Measures

1. These hydrotherapic treatments must be done Three hours before you eat.

2. The thermometer is employed to record heat of water throughout the treatment.

3. Use pure and clean water for your treatment.