How you can Troubleshoot a classy Tub Heater

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I have already been asked this question by countless customers. Why won't my spa warm up? I've talked people so as to on the telephone and possess sent them a list of information on how to try the spa heater themselves. I do not normally advice that an end user try to troubleshoot their unique spa. Utilizing electricity could be dangerous and dealing with electricity and water might be deadly. It will always be recommended to get hold of an experienced service technician for any troubleshooting. Having said that, so many people are more than able to troubleshooting their unique spa heater and this guide will assist them.

Spa & Hot spa Heater Troubleshooting Guide

A fairly easy to follow along with Spa & Jacuzzi heater Troubleshooting Guide. Troubleshooting a spa heater can be quite a simple procedure if you possess the right tools.

Note: This troubleshooting guide is intended for trained spa service professionals. It is not recommended for the spa owner to troubleshoot their particular spa.

Tools you need to have are:

A Multimeter, to check on voltage, as well as a Clamp on Amp Meter, to check for amp draw on the element. You can't accurately troubleshoot a Spa heater element without these power tools.

Multi-Meter: Employed to test for voltage at the heater element terminals.

Amp Meter: Utilized to pay attention to amp draw with the heater element.

You will probably need various their hands. Screwdrivers, Pliers, open end wrenches, etc.

Note: Spa must be full of water along with normal operating condition to complete these tests

To try the heater element, you need to: Check voltage at heater element

1. Turn Turn off to spa. (This means to close off source voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Open equipment area and locate the heater assembly.
3. Open the spa heater assembly to expose the heater terminals.
4. Ensure all the other wires and connections are out of the heater terminals.
5. Open spa filter housing and take away filter. Replace filter lid and secure for operation.
6. Make sure area around heater terminals to actually have access to the terminals with all the multi-meter probes, without the hazard of touching other contacts.
7. Remember, if you re-apply capability to spa, you may be working together with 240 volts of electricity. Water and electricity usually do not mix.
8. Make certain no water is close to the terminals that you will likely be working. Also, be certain that you're not kneeling or standing in water while testing for voltage in the heater terminals.
9. Re-apply power to spa and switch thermostat up to cause heater in the future on. Listen to spa to see if operation sounds normal.
10. Turn multi-meter on and plug probes in to the meter as directed by the meter instructions. You will be testing voltage.
11. Carefully place one probe on a single of the element terminals.
12. Carefully place the second probe on the other heater terminal.
13. Read your multi-meter for voltage on the element.
14. Remove both probes, and write down the voltage you read from the test.
15. Turn turn off to spa. In case you received "0" volts at the heater terminal, your condition is probably not the heater element. If you received the correct voltage at the heater terminals, you should now check for amp draw for your heater.

Check amp draw at heater element

1. Turn turn off to spa. (This implies to shut off source voltage towards the spa with the breaker or disconnect).
2. Find wires that connect to the spa heater terminals.
3. Clamp one wire that goes in your heater element, with your amp-meter.
4. Make certain all wires feel secure and safe for operation.
5. Re-apply power to your spa swap thermostat around cause heater ahead on.
6. Check amp-meter to see if amps are now being drawn through your heater element.
7. Turn Turn off to spa.
8. Write down the amp reading from your amp-meter. Should you received an amp reading from a heater. Your heater element is working. You have to look for problems elsewhere.

*I f you received the correct voltage with the heater terminals, but received no amp reading in the event the spa was operating, the heater element is bad.

How to proceed if heater element tests good through these tests, but will not heat spa, during normal operation. Remember step . 5 in the voltage test. You removed the filter. Check condition of filter, run spa for twenty-four hrs without filter set up to determine if spa heats normally. If spa heats normally with filter out, replace filter with new.

Now be aware every hot tub / spa differs from the others. If you have searching for system, make note of any displayed error codes. The newest digital systems about the spas today is going to do a lot of the troubleshooting in your case once you know how it's suggesting, but let's leave that for another article though.